It's simple.
Customers love ChargeCube™

Now you can partner with the worldwide leader in charging stations. There are currently over 1,000 units installed worldwide (in over 20 countries) and that number is growing every day. Customers have been enjoying our patented technology since 2005, and in that time, over 3 million phones have been powered with over 2 million minutes of charging.

Even better, customer satisfaction ratings are extremely high. Users are strongly positive towards the location offering the unit as well as the brand associated with the unit. We’ve found that having the security of a charged phone enhances a customer’s enjoyment of their time at the location, and encourages them to stay longer and (for multi-purpose destinations) utilize other facilities such as coffee shops and food outlets.

Why do customers have such a positive response?

Free to use.
There's no cost AND it's easy. Customers can start charging in minutes!

Top-notch security.
The locker (with key) is a safe and easy way for customers to know that their phone is in good hands.

All major chargers included.
ChargeCube covers >98% of all smartphones.

Smart technology.
Customers can't remove the key unless a phone is plugged in.


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